2017 AHFoZ Annual Stakeholders’ Conference on Health

AII is set for the  AHFoZ Annual All-Stakeholders’ Conference on Health to be  held at The Kingdom Hotel, Victoria Falls from the 6th to the 9th of September 2017 running  under the theme “The Health Ecosystem and Quality of Life”.

This year’s Conference is set to come up with a different model of understanding, creating and providing healthcare that will encompass the full continuum of discovery, development and delivery.  We have noticed that if we  limit the discussion on healthcare to simply debt, cost or access, we will fail to come to terms with how fundamentally the healthcare sector needs to be revitalized  and what it will take to fix it for us to work towards revitalizing quality to healthcare through  functional health care eco-systems .We realize that the ecosystem goes beyond our usual partners in health, every sector plays its role in creating a robust ecosystem.

As the Association for Healthcare Funders of Zimbabwe,  our vision is “to create an enabling environment for healthcare funders to achieve accessible quality service and viability”. The Goal is to promote a revitalized healthcare system in Zimbabwe through collaborative efforts within the healthcare ecosystem.

Conference Objectives:

  • Create a platform for stakeholders to harness the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing to improve care, stretch budgets, and spark innovation continue come up with as many ways to deliver the highest level of patient care with limited economic and human resources.
  • Explore the tremendous value potential of cross-boundary integration and innovative technology partnerships working together under one Healthcare ecosystem.
  • Promote dialogue to  find solutions and to create a better understanding amongst stakeholders
  • Strengthen mutual understanding
  • Provide networking opportunities and sharing of notes.

Provides an opportunity for Continuous  learning and development and participants   earn Continuous Professional Development(CPD) points.


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