2018 AHFoZ Stakeholders’ Conference on Health


Dearest Members and Associates,

On behalf of the 2018 AHFoZ Board , we thank each of you who attended the conference. In this very busy and hectic world, we appreciate you for taking the time and effort to join us in Victoria Falls this past week. We also thank you for your participation, and the sharing of your ideas and expertise. We were thrilled to meet you all.

We certainly hope that the conference has been all that you expected it to be, and that you have taken the opportunity to make new friends, renew old acquaintances and make contact with decision-makers and partners for your continued success.

A special thanks to our sponsors:PSMI PSMAS First Mutual Health NSSA Insight Actuaries & Consultants Bonvie Health 263 Masvingo Municipal Medical Aid Lancor Scientific Ltd CellMed HMMAS National Aids Council MASCA Fidelity Life Medical Aid Travel Wise MediWise DiagnopathLaboratories Eternal Peace Health

We can’t wait to hear from you.

CEO Conference Remarks 2018

Minister’s SPEECH AHFoZ CONFERENCE 2018 (1)

Wellness Promotion A Focus on Mental Health

Transition to Value Based Care

Research & Development in Zimbabwe’s Healthcare Sector Focusing on the Paradigm Shift

How managed care analytics can reduce claims costs and stimulate member growth

Changing the paradigm of cancer screening with groundbreaking new technology

Medical Expense Insurability_The Tension Between Insurable and Uninsurable Benefits_2018 AHFOZ Conference

Promoting Consumer Participation In Healthcare

Risk based Capital and Its Importance for medical aid schemes

Taking Charge of our Healthcare – SMART PartnershipsTelemedicine Africa Presentation DR MOLEF


Redefining role of govts in PPPBode Olajumoke – Reinsurance as a Risk Management Tool_

AHFoZ Conference 06092018

Redefining role of govts in PPP


Looking forward to meeting you again next time.


Thank You.

Conference Program 2018 _August 2018 (2)

Dear All Stakeholders

The 10th edition of the AHFoZ  All Stakeholders Conference on Health will be hosted at the Kingdom Hotel in Victoria Falls from 5 – 8 September 2018.  This year’s theme is “Redefining the Paradigm in the Healthcare Sector”.

This conference provides a platform for Industry decision makers to come together to have extensive discussions and debates on areas of mutual interest that impact the growth of the Health Sector in Zimbabwe.  It also gives experts from other parts of the world an opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge which in turn allows us as the Health sector in Zimbabwe to re-focus and re-channel our energy and move towards sustainable growth and development.

AHFoZ would like to take this opportunity to invite you to nominate representatives from your organization to attend the event, to enter a fourball team in the golf day and take up an exhibition space.

Conference Details: –

AHFoZ Golf Day                               –           5 Sept 2018 at Elephant Hills Resort

AHFoZ 2 day Conference                  –           6 & 7 Sept 2018 at Kingdom Hotel, Victoria Falls

AHFoZ Tropical Themed Dinner       –           6th September 2018 at Zambezi House

AHFoZ Gala Dinner  Night                  –             7th of September at The Kingdom Hotel

We hope that you will consider partnering with AHFoZ towards the success of this high-level industry event which is an important part of the healthcare sector’s calendar.