Healthcare Fraud Indaba-Dec 2019

                                                 PRELIMINARY NOTICE


TO:                  Healthcare Professionals, Forensic Specialists, Handwriting specialists, Healthcare suppliers, Accountants, Auditors, Lawyers, Loss control officers, All Societies’ Principal Officers, Claims Managers, Supervisors, Risk Management Officers and Adjudicators, Detectives, Private investigators, ZRP, CID, Healthcare Institutions, PHAZ, Billing Personnel and Service Provider Groups (ZiMA members, CPCPZ, Allied Professions Authority), Healthcare systems developers and all interested parties.


FROM:             AHFoZ


DATE:             10 October 2019




The Association of Healthcare Funders of Zimbabwe (AHFoZ) is organising the 3rd. Healthcare Fraud Indaba, which is going to attract prominent local and international speakers. The main objective of the high-level workshop is to raise awareness, demystify and identify ways to eliminate healthcare Fraud, Waste and Abuse.


Please save the date for this year’s workshop, scheduled for the 5th and 6th of December 2019. Details pertaining to the venue and investment will be communicated in due course


All prospective attendees, please complete the registration slip below and return to this office by 31 October 2019 for planning purposes.




                                      2019 HEALTHCARE FRAUD INDABA


Name of Organisation: _____________________________


Number of participants:           _____________________________







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