Who we are


Member Based Association

The Association of Healthcare Funders of Zimbabwe, “AHFoZ“, is the only recognised representative body for the medical aid industry in Zimbabwe. AHFoZ is a member-based not-for-profit organisation that is governed by a constitution and a comprehensive code of ethics. Major stakeholders in AHFoZ are:

  • Ministry of Health
  • Private Hospitals’ Association
  • Zimbabwe Medical Association
  • Government and Mission Hospitals
  • All healthcare providers of service

AHFoZ in Action!

We have a number of activities that we do for and with our members to encourage the overall necessity of, “Medical Aid in Zimbabwe“. Some of our major activities include:

  • AHFoZ played a significant role during the crafting of the Medical Services Act of 2000.
  • AHFoZ has also been involved in the debate on National Health.
  • AHFoZ hosts annual conferences on health which bring the entire health industry together to discuss issues affecting the health sector.
  • Collectively AHFoZ members assisted in the purchase of eye equipment housed at a Private Health Institution.
  • AHFoZ encourages its members to engage in social responsibility activities eg. one of its members renovated Mbuya Nehanda maternity hospital.


What we do

Our activities & the work we do.

The Association of Healthcare Funders of Zimbabwe (AHFoZ) was formerly National Association of Medical Aid Societies (NAMAS). The National Association of Medical Aid Societies (NAMAS) was formed in 1969. Its objectives at formation were amongst other things:

  • To deal with sensitive issues such as standardizing tariffs
  • Liaison with the Medical Profession and other Healthcare givers
  • Registering or accrediting Healthcare Providers and Institutions

Since then more and more functions were ascribed to it to enhance the efficiency of the medical aid industry in the changing environment. In addition to the objectives at formation (above) AHFoZ currently serves the following purposes:

  • Unity of purpose (speaking with one voice) – One central point for the medical aid industry – ability to engage other Associations, Government and other stakeholders
  • Data Bank and information dissemination
  • Code of ethics and peer review for member societies to promote professionalism
  • Publication of the AHFoZ reference Tariff – establishes fee structures and fee increases and publishes them periodically for the industry
  • Promotion of the maintenance of standards and order in the private health sector through a process of accreditation and registration
  • Fraud fighting! AHFoZ provides a platform for industry intelligence with regards to fraud and abuse and educates against it.
  • Standing out as a voice encouraging all able Zimbabweans to get medical aid or cover to ensure that they are covered when that rainy day comes! Only 8% of Zimbabweans are on medical aid meaning that a lot of work needs to be done in order to turn the tide.

Our history

1969 -
Formerly known as the National Association of Medical Aid Societies (NAMAS), the organisation was formed in 1969.

1982 -
The inaugural Chairman resigned in 1982 after 13 years. He was replaced by Dr E. Leyland who held office until the 6th of November 1984, when an independent Chairman was then elected, Mr. D. P. Wadman.

1995 -
On 1 April 1995 the NAMAS office moved to Medical Chambers, 60 Baines Avenue, Harare due to an increase in staff. This took place under the Chairmanship of Justice L.G. Smith who was the Chairman for 10 years.

1998 -
The NAMAS office moved to King George Court as from 1 August 1998.

2000 -
NAMAS played a significant role during the crafting of the “Medical Services Act” of 2000.

2004 -
NAMAS changed its name to AHFoZ in 2004 following a strategic planning workshop when its mandate was extended to include any other organisations involved in health funding other than the traditional medical aid societies.

2012 -
In May 2012 AHFoZ moved from King George Court to its own property; AHFoZ House at Number 18 Southey Road, Hillside Harare. The new premises were officially opened by the Chairman of Health Services Board Dr Lovemore Mbengeranwa on Friday 26th of October 2012. The new place symbolizes maturity and provides a necessary home-base for all members of AHFoZ throughout Zimbabwe. The official opening was a fantastic occasion with all stakeholders and media present to witness the opening and the major achievement. Please click on Events at the top of the event to view the album from the occasion and to view this fantastic premises that we now call home!


Board & Committees

AHFoZ is governed by a Constitution and code of ethics. In terms of the Constitution, the Association is run by the Chairman and Board. The Board comprises 10 representatives of member societies. The current Chairperson and Vice. are as follows:

  • Mr. N Matimba  – AHFoZ Chairperson
  • Mr. G Tembo – AHFoZ Vice Chairperson

Within the Board are various Committees such as:

  • Management and Finance Committee
  • Tariffs Committee
  • Finance and Audit Committee
  • Lobbying Task Force Committee
  • Medical Advisory Committee
  • National Health Insurance Committee
  • Risk Management Committee, and
  • Public Relations Committee

The day to day activities of the Secretariat are run by the Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Shylet Sanyanga.

Shylet Sanyanga

The Secretariat staff


    • Increased membership

      We have driven membership from the inaugural 17 medical aid societies to 29 medical aid societies and 4 associates.

Member of BHF

We attained membership to the Board of Healthcare Funders of Southern Africa.

  • Member of IFHP UK

    We attained membership of the International Federation of Health Plans – UK



Smart Partnerships

We believe in win-win smart partnerships. We value all our members and stakeholders alike. We have excellent relations across the board. We are:

  • Recognised by the Ministry of Health
  • Have good relationships with most Stakeholders and service providers
  • Successfully trained Claims Adjudication Staff for our members
  • Conducted various networking opportunities.

Member Highlights