Jan 1, 2019, is the new compliance date for health care providers, plans and Funders to migrate to the use of ICD-10.

Why is the Association of Health Funders of Zimbabwe migrating to ICD-10?

AHFoZ is migrating to ICD-10 to

  1. Increase specificity, tracking, and expansion of medical codes.
  2. The codes will become more specific by reducing ambiguity, aligning with current terminology and technology, and becoming more relevant to encounters.
  3. ICD-10 codes will increase tracking of data transparency for reimbursement and compliance efforts, data of new diseases and technologies.
  4. The codes will expand by adding new codes and allow for future expansions.

Will the use of ZRVS codes be affected?
No. ICD-10 procedure codes will only be used for facility reporting of medical diagnosis. Zimbabwe Relative Value Schedule (ZRVS) codes will continue to be used for medical procedures and services.

Where can I find more information about ICD-10?

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