Zimbabwe Healthcare Fraud Workshop

The Association of Health Funders of Zimbabwe (AHFoZ), in collaboration with the Association of Financial Forensic Analysts (AAFFA) will be running a two day instructor-led unique workshop, the first of its kind in Zimbabwe,  where expert speakers will assist in  imparting skills in detection and mitigating the Risk of Healthcare Fraud, Abuse and Misuse in Zimbabwe’s health care system.

Healthcare fraud is a type of white-collar crime that involves the filling of dishonest healthcare claims in order to turn a profit. Fraudulent healthcare offenses  come in many forms. The healthcare provider faces incarceration, fines, and possibly losing the right to practice in the medical industry, whilst members can be blacklisted and fail to join any other Medical Aid Society.

Healthcare Funders and services providers today face unique industry regulations, procedures and considerations, as well as a heightened potential for fraudulent activity. Consequently, fraud fighters need an in-depth understanding of the industry environment and the types of health care fraud that can occur, including how to , detect, investigate and  prevent them.

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